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Web Design | Hosting | E-mails

Our packages offer you 12 months of hosting, domain and email accounts.

Marketing | Social Media

Setting up and managing all of your social media platforms.

Branding | Design

We offer a wide range of design services along with branding solutions.

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Growing your business for you!

This has been our mission and objective for each of our clients since we opened in 2017. We have always offered our clients a multitude of services, but have recently decided to focus on assisting our clients in growing their businesses online. Thus starting the movement into transforming SDM Solutions into a Digital Marketing & Design Agency.

Analysis of your business

Step 1: Let's meet, and discuss your current marketing tools in place. Once we know where you stand, we can then advise on a great marketing strategy for your brand or business.

Creating a Marketing plan

Let us advise you on what steps to take to further establish your online presence. There are many avenues to look into, but reminder that not everything works for everyone, so we need the right fit for your brand or business.

Increasing your sales

Let us run your marketing campaigns and get you the customers you require. We offer marketing retainers which will have you seeing the positive growth from month to month.

Digital strategy, ideas and insights

We have come across many clients who have walked through our doors, not knowing what insights are, not knowing what is happening in the online world, and that is okay...That is why you have us. Let us assist you!

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